Food suppression is the main function of the teeth, therefore all activities like pinching, tooth whipping, sucking a finger, pinking of a pencil, image or nibbling on the nails are considered para-functional activities.

Snoring is an unhealthy habit that develops in the childhood, and it damages teeth and gingiva. It is estimated that 30% of children, 45% of teenagers and 10% of adults nibble nails. The basics of these habits are of a psychological nature: stress, nervousness, frustration, tension, all stimulate nibbling. The hint of nibbling nails has a bad effect on health. The area under the nails is full of bacteria like e.coli and viruses that are fed into the body by biting.. They are easily transmitted, with frequent fingers in the mouth, rattles can easily spread to the mouth and face. Mending soft tissues around the nails with teeth, creates wounds that result in redness, swelling and pus, as if the bare and bite nails are susceptible to infection. When grinding nails, teeth are at the edge of the edge, which for years leads to their misuse, poor position of the teeth, teeth can become distorted, and gingival infection can very often occur. This is a problem that can not be ignored, although it is difficult to discontinue it with a bad habit because it is related to the psychological state.

Children and adults do it unconsciously. There are nail polish bites that can help with the nibbling of nails or sucking the thumb. If after this continues the poor habit it is necessary to seek medical help.

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