The toothbrush is one of the most important items for maintaining oral hygiene. We are sure that you have often found yourself in a store in front of a shelf where there is an assortment of oral hygiene and you do not know which toothbrush to choose. Some people will choose the cheapest one, others the most expensive one because they believe that means the best. Some of you will wisely read everything that the brush can do. Well, some brushes say that they are used to clean the tongue and they polish the teeth. The choice is great but the truth is still different. Often we find toothbrushes that can cause trauma of the dental meat, regardless of price.If we want to generalize, then it is desirable to choose a soft toothbrush that will not cause any trauma or withdrawal of the dental meat. Logically, if we persistently rub in one place with something rough every day, this place will suffer. It is the same with living tissue around the teeth and even with the tooth itself. Luckily we can find plenty of quality soft brushes on the market that work very well and if used in a proper manner described above, the teeth and surrounding tooth tissue will remain healthy for years.
How often do you change your toothbrush?
We are sure that you often hear the phrase “change the brush every three months.” Did you think of this when you bought the brush you are using now?
Check it out! Remember the day, the date? We will try to compare this with something else, for example with cars and fuel consumption. By the book a car spends 4l per 100km in ideal conditions, but it is different in real life when all factors are taken into consideration. The toothbrush can last for 3 months if after each brushing it is well washed, dried and stored properly. If you maintain the hygiene of the brush well , it can be used for 3 months, but if you notice that the hairs are damaged, replace it before 3 month period of use.

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