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Face aesthetics

If you want to rejuvenate the face and neck skin, remove wrinkles, remodel your lips, then hyaluronic fillers are a great choice for you. Hyaluron is a very popular anti-aging procedure because it restores the freshness of the lips and neck in a natural and reliable way. In addition, the procedure itself is very short – only about 15-30 minutes. Over the years the skin of the face and neck loses its elasticity, it becomes thin and dry, it relaxes, wrinkles are created, and the lips become thinner. However, this process can be alleviated with the help of hyaluron. In addition, when the skin is once treated with hyaluron it slows aging.

How does hyaluron work?

By extending hyaluron, the normal amount of water in the tissue is prolonged for a long time, which after application, the skin makes it:

  • hydrated,
  • elastic,
  • solid.

By doing this, the skin gets volume, wrinkles are filled, and the face has a younger freshness. Hyaluron is an excellent procedure for wrinkle removal and face contouring.

How long does the effect of hyaluron last?

The effect lasts from 12 to 18 months (depending on the type of skin and region in which it is treated).Filling the lips with hyaluron – increasing lips, shaping and contouring. After treatment of the lips with hyaluronic fillers they become:

  • Blushes,
  • beautiful,
  • natural.

The result of filling the lips with hyaluronic fillers is immediately apparent and improves after one or two days of treatment and lasts from 6-9 months at the beginning, and if the treatment is repeated after a year, the effect is visible for more than 12 months.

How long does the recovery last after the intervention?

The good news is that after injection of hyaluronolic fillers, when it is a cannila, the recovery period is short and you return very quickly to your daily routine. Recommendation regarding Hyaluron Fillers:
The patient`s safety during the procedure depends on the quality of the preparations used but also on the expertise of the medical team. In our clinic we use fillers from famous world brands that have been appeared several years ago. The attitude of our clinic is that patients who leave our office should act naturally because this is the point of our work. Take note of who you will give your trust. In our practice consultations are free,
with prior appointment so that we can explain to you in detail what kind of results you can expect.

How long does the hyaluron injection procedure last?

Treatment lasts only 10-15 minutes.


Botox in medicine has been used for 40 years in the treatment of disorder in neurology, and in plastic surgery to remove wrinkles for more than 30 years. The botox is like a magic wand when used by experienced doctors, wrinkles almost completely disappear, the procedure lasts briefly, and the years are erased from the face.

All this makes this procedure one of the very successful and very popular treatments in the world. Below you will find out much more about the botox, how it is applied and what results it gives.

Botox or botulinum toxin is a purified protein produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum.

How does the Botox work?

When small amounts of botox are injected into specific muscles, their excessive contraction is prevented, there by preventing the occurrence of wrinkles where they are usually most pronounced, there by alleviating the already existing ones.

It is most commonly used in patients aged 30-70 years.

What happens after Botox treatment?

There are two advantages in Botox treatment:

you will get tightened skin, without deep wrinkles and youthful appearance of the face that has kept the normal movement of the muscles.

In addition, the face is used to exaggerating excessive grimaces, thus further preventing the creation of new wrinkles.

Which wrinkles can be removed by botox?

Resistant wrinkles, because movements of facial muscles create wrinkles on the skin. And, given the fact that the botox acts so that it prevents excessive muscle contraction, deeply engraved stings can be removed with Botox. Wrinkles in the root of the nose give a worried look, and the wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes contribute to making the person look older than it really is. By removing them with the help of Botox, you will get a fresh and beauty young face.
Excellent results give the botox and when necessary:

  • to prevent the formation of deep wrinkles,
  • to remove wrinkles around the eyes,
  • correct the asymmetry of eyebrows or covers,
  • to remove the vertical grooves and wrinkles on the forehead,
  • to remove wrinkles on the nose and around the nose,
  • to remove wrinkles and grooves between the eyebrows,
  • to remove wrinkles around the neck,
  • to remove wrinkles above the upper lip,
  • to remove wrinkles in the line of laughing.

For which wrinkles Botox is not good?

Botox can not straighten or relieve all wrinkles on the face, so it can not be removed with it:

  • wrinkles on the lower half of the face as well
  • wrinkles created as a result of damage to the skin from the sun.

Does the Botox give a plastic look to the face?
No. Botox treatment in recent years has been much improved. But the patients are still able to askbefore their treatment will be their face “frozen” and after the treatment they can see that facial mimics are normal.

What does Botox look like and how long does it last?

The doctor do a review, and then makes a decision on where to apply the botox. During the treatment, the bottle is applied in very small quantities and blocks the work of the muscles involved in the face mask and the formation of wrinkles. The botox is injected with exceptional thin needles so the patient does not feel pain.
Because no special recovery is needed, immediately after treatment you can continue with your daily tasks.
The treatment takes several minutes.

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