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Aesthetic dentistry

White, glossy and beautiful teeth are all that we want to see in ourselves and other people. The nice smile is the first thing people notice when they first get to know each other. The smile, which beautifies you, restores your self-esteem. Coffee, nicotine, red wine, teas, lifestyle affect the colour of your teeth. Therefore, it is often necessary to make the procedure of teeth whitening. In our practice we apply several methods of whitening teeth.

Professional teeth whitening
This method that we use in our office is a warmerly painless and safe procedure. The base of the system is a hydrogen peroxide in the form of a gel applied to your teeth and a special UV lamp that does not heat up and does not damage teeth but has a role to accelerate the process of their bleaching. The gel itself contains fluorine that has a prophylactic effect on your teeth. Before starting the bleaching process with a special colour key, the colour of your teeth is determined in order to see the colour difference that will be obtained as the final result. During the bleaching, the gingiva is protected with a special gel, the bleaching agent is applied and after 40 minutes the final result is obtained.

Whitening teeth at home
In the office on the basis of your teeth we make a split which is given to the patient together with the gel for home use. A small amount of bleaching gel is applied in the mold, which the patient puts in the mouth and takes it for several hours during the day. The process can last from 3 to 7 days after which a result equal to the professional bleaching is obtained.

Whitening of avitin (dead) teeth
Teeth, often due to a large carious process or trauma, need to remove the pulp that feeds the tooth, and therefore, after a certain amount of time, darkening of the tooth occurs. In such teeth during the treatment of the tooth, a bleaching agent is applied, which is left to act for several days. Control is performed daily. After successful whitening, the tooth closes with an appropriate seal.

The laminates are thin lumps of ceramic material that fasten to the front of the teeth. They can be the ideal solution for changing the appearance of the front teeth. They are put in order to change the shape, the color of the teeth and to beautiful smile. The laminates are resistant to coffee, tea, cigarette smoking and other repainting materials. They can be used to mask tetracycline dental teeth, fractured teeth, and teeth that are painted as a result of the root canal treatment.

Immaculate ceramics
Immoderate ceramics is the peak of today’s modern dentistry. Aesthetic dentistry could not be imagined without non-metal ceramics. The way of making nonmetallic constructions, with precision grinding and laser cutting of the non-metal construction, leads to a lightening of the construction under the gingiva and the perfect look of your smile. In this way there is no danger of pulling the palate and its reaction to circonium. It should also be noted that the material is biocompatible with surrounding tissue. With non-metal ceramics you can achieve perfection that using metal ceramic structures could only be imagined.