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A large number of people are faced with a lack of a large number of teeth or all teeth in the upper or lower jaw. As a consequence of the loss of teeth over time, there is a loss of the bone structure of the jaws that makes the prosthetic repair difficult. Namely, when there is a loss of so many teeth that the softer areas can not be repaired with the production of fossil precipitation devices, mobile prosthetic devices or prostheses are generally the only solution. Patients who are confronted with prostheses, especially the toes and the lower jaw, know how much will and compulsion they need to be able to wear, but also what are the limitations in the functional and aesthetic direction and how much is lost in the quality of life. Fortunately there is a solution to these problems. It implies the installation of a special kind of implant, which will wear the braces and aim to stabilize them. The advantages of such prostheses are numerous: they are maximally stable, which allows the normal chewing function of all types of food to normalize the speech, reduces the irritation of the mucous membrane, does not have the unpleasant sensation of instability of the prosthesis and thus improves the quality of life of patient. We also use implants where there is a lack of a certain number of curves, as their replacement, to achieve remediation with a fixed prosthetic solution. The very procedure of embalming implant is not complex and is performed with local anesthesia, completely painless. Although good implants are not possible to be used in all patients. A good clinical examination by analyzing the Rtg status by the oral surgeon is needed to make the final decision to place the implants of a particular patient. In our clinic, ANKILOS-type implants are commonly used.