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Oral surgery

Oral surgery

It is a surgical procedure that removes the pathological content of the bone in the region at the tip of the root of the tooth. In doing so, the decisive importance of the success of the intervention is the excellent endodontic treatment of the same tooth, the good surgical technique and the patient’s cooperation. In this intervention, the inclusion of a special laser for oral-surgical interventions enables quick and easy healing of the wound, with no swelling and pain, as well as a much greater success of the treatment.


It is an oral surgical intervention that removes the cyst, which, if not removed, progressively grows and destroys the surrounding bone. If the cyst is large in size, after it is completely removed, an artificial bone and a membrane is installed, which will allow faster filling of the defect.

Sinus lift

Modern implantology today expands implant implications and places where we have the most unfavourable conditions for doing it. It is about the lateral region in the upper jaw where we have spongy and diluted bone, the presence of sinus proneatization, rapid resorption of the aural reef after the loss of teeth. Sinus lift is a technique that, using augmentation, bone grafts are applied between the floor and the mucous membrane of the sinus, thus providing the required amount of implant base.

Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are teeth that are not raised, that is, their twisting is disabled due to various reasons: insufficient space in the jaw, improper position of the teeth themselves, prevents spraying from other teeth, changes in the bone etc. The most commonly identified are: the clever ones (the third molars), the molars (the dog’s teeth) and the premolars (the predators), and very rarely the other teeth. In order not to cause disturbance of the toothousness and density of the teeth it is recommended to remove them by preliminary analyzing the RTG- panoramic footage. Removal of the affected teeth is performed with oral surgery with local anesthetization.

Semi-papered teeth

The half-thumbed teeth are teeth that are partially aphrodite, most commonly the witches (third molars). Half-piped teeth can cause more problems such as: the inability to clean them, retention of plaque and food, the appearance of caries on themselves and the adjacent teeth, inflammation and even swelling with pain and inability to open the mouth, bad breath, difficulty swallowing and chewing etc. Therefore, a timely surgical intervention is required with local anesthetization and analysis of the RTG panoramic image.