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Dr. Jasminka Dineska Firfov

Doctor of Dentistry

Dr. Jasminka Dineska Firfof is a graduate doctor of dentistry. Completes the Dental Faculty in Skopje in 1998 and immediately joins the team Carchev-Chortanoski. Participates in many domestic and international seminars, congresses, and other educational events in the field of dentistry.


– a course for modern endodontics

– educational course for preparation and cementing of non-metallic ceramics

– implantology course Ankylos, (surgical implant  surgery planning)

– training for PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy and conversion to medicine and


With this many years of clinical practice, a pleasant relationship and professional care, she has built up great confidence among patients of all ages.

Actively understand and speaks English.


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