The harmful influence of carbonated drinks on the teeth

Carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugars, and more importantly, some of them contain phosphoric acid, citric acid, acid, or some other acid. Orthophosphoric acid in dentistry is used to enamel (a procedure in which the enamel is prepared for making composite white fillings). So, the frequent consumption of carbonated beverages leads to acidic erosion of teeth. Clinically, thin glassed teeth can be seen. A similar clinical picture can be seen in patients suffering from boolemia due to frequent vomiting. Such damage is irreversible and must be dental repaired. As we always refer to patients, good oral hygiene is the foundation of oral health. If at least you do not wash your mouth with plain water after consuming some sweet or sour drink, Ph values ​​fall in the oral cavity, which will create conditions for the onset of the decay of the dental enamel.

The enamel is built from acido acid-sensitive hydroxyapatite crystals. As a result of the action of the acid on the enamel surface, there is a disturbance of the normal structure of hydrocseptopathy and the formation of holes in which bacteria will be drawn which are normal inhabitants of the oral cavity. If this condition persists, from initial cavities, which can be recognized as a small white spot on the tooth surface, advanced caries will occur. Our organism has a mechanism that fights ph flux in the mouth, but it is always desirable to reduce the frequency and time of exposure to the teeth of acid. Keeping the acid drink in the mouth will cause the greatest damage to your teeth. Recommended rinsing of the mouth with plain water or use of tubes, in order to reduce the contact of the teeth with the beverage.

The food colors found in the beverage can also have a detrimental effect on repainting your teeth.
Many of the health studies that have been done in recent years indicate the harmfulness of sodas on the whole organism. Industrial drinks should therefore be avoided. Water is the best choice that will not damage your teeth and will maintain the health of your body.

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